Commercial Forestry.

Green Approaches is a leading industry professional with over 20 years’ experience in commercial forestry. Our work involves the establishment and management of plantation forests that are home to a variety of species including Pine and Eucalyptus. This arm of the company aims to reduce the ever-mounting pressure of our natural forests by providing an alternative, fast growing source of timber. Our team understands that the use of biomass resources for human survival and development is at over 90% across the African continent alone. We believe that the answer to addressing the alarming rate of natural resource consumption is through providing communities alternative sources, increasing the raw material biomass, and working with communities on the efficient use of the resources. Green Approaches’ solutions work with innovation at their core. Thus, our commercial forestry division involves both tree seedling production and wood biomass product development.
Our forestry solution also include conservation of natural forests and forest lands with specific conservation efforts also targeted at wetlands, and fragile hill landscapes.

The Forests

Green Approaches currently manages three sets of plantation forests; in Nakasongola district (120ha); Kiboga district (200 ha) and Kamuli District (100ha). These forests are available to provide timber to reduce pressure off the natural forests. If you need to make a purchase or have any inquiries about the process, please reach out to us here.