Who We Are

Green Approaches is an Environmental Management and Consultancy company that provides Sustainable Development solutions in the fields of Climate Action, Forestry, Conservation Agriculture and Eco-tourism.

Green Approaches was officially founded in 2014 with a single mission: to support the delivery of intentionally world-positive and sustainable solutions in our fields of expertise.

Though we’ve grown since our founding, we are a small agency at heart and aim to cultivate meaningful relationships with our clients whilst assisting in the development and management of their unique projects.

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Why Green Approaches

Our team of professionals is drawn from a variety of backgrounds and have extensive industry experience delivering projects across Uganda as well as regionally and nationally.
Our diverse portfolio of work across various sectors and fields is only one edge of the sword. Our clients, people and the environment are our business, so we aim to cultivate meaningful relationships with our clients and communities we work in from project commencement to completion in order to deliver the best outcome for all stakeholders involved.
As a result, our approach to all our work in genuine collaboration and engagement to provide effective solutions and deliver high quality outputs.

Our Mission

The mission of Green Approaches Limited is to encourage and support sustainable and environmentally sound commercial activities through consultancy, capacity building, and active engagement with individuals and community stakeholders. We aim to delivery high quality solutions to our clients whilst empowering and supporting the local communities within which we work.

Our Vision

Our vision is to encourage greening of all development activities and see a prosperous global community that utilizes environmentally sustainable development strategies.
Through our current array of solutions and services, Green Approaches intends to address the needs of the global population across the Natural Resources Management, Education, Agriculture, Forestry and Tourism sectors without compromising current and future environmental health.