Business Development

Through our business development and capacity building arm, we design and support value addition initiatives using environmentally appropriate approaches. This includes technical productivity and marketing development. Our team has a broad understanding of a range of environmental innovations that equip communities with the tools to achieve sustainable development across activities such as farming and commercial forestry. These include green energy solutions and for efficient energy production particularly biomass based energy such as charcoal. The company is in the final stages of testing the use of: a Retort and the Casamance kiln using trees such as Pine, Eucalyptus and Terminalia. The retort kilns are to be installed in Kamuli, Koboga and also Nakasongola districts; which are an average of 100 KM from Kampala. These will be the initial retorts build in each of the Green Approaches’ forest sites to asses efficiency and also market needs for the charcoal.