Green Approaches:
Global Solutions

Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients and projects – to deliver high quality work and lasting changes with measurable growth. Get in touch with us today to learn how Green Approaches can help you.

Environmental Management and Consulting

Expert Guidance, Environmental Impact Assessment, GEF Projects Document Development, Environmental Management Plan Development as well as Projects monitoring and Evaluations

Our industry leading team has over 30 years’ of experience in environmental consulting services across a number of industries including natural resource management, agriculture land use management, climate change mitigation and protected areas management plans. We have extensive experience in strategic plan development, Environmental Impact Assessment as well as Monitoring and Evaluation plans. Through establishing strategic partnerships and working collaboratively with our clients, we provide innovative and pragmatic solutions to public and private sector institutions with the aim of achieving achieve profitable green solutions and ensure sustainable development. A snapshot of our team’s expertise is provided in the “People” section. Detailed profiles of proposed consultants are provided on request during specific assignments.

Commercial Forestry

Natural Resource Management, Timber and Carbon Sequestration

Green Approaches is a leading industry professional with over 20 years’ experience in commercial forestry. Our work involves the establishment and management of plantation forests that are home to a variety of species including Pine and Eucalyptus. This arm of the company aims to reduce the ever-mounting pressure of our natural forests by providing an alternative, fast growing source of timber. Our team understands that the use of biomass resources for human survival and development is at over 90% across the African continent alone. We believe that the answer to addressing the alarming rate of natural resource consumption is through providing communities alternative sources, increasing the raw material biomass, and working with communities on the efficient use of the resources. Green Approaches’ solutions work with innovation at their core. Thus, our commercial forestry division involves both tree seedling production and wood biomass product development.

Our forestry solution also include conservation of natural forests and forest lands with specific conservation efforts also targeted at wetlands, and fragile hill landscapes.​

The Forests:

Green Approaches currently manages three sets of plantation forests; in Nakasongola district (120ha); Kiboga district (200 ha) and Kamuli District (100ha). These forests are available to provide timber to reduce pressure off the natural forests. If you need to make a purchase or have any inquiries about the process, please reach out to us here.

Conservation Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture practices, Capacity building and Training

Green Approaches promotes improved farming practices nationally and globally noting the deterioration of soil health and agricultural productivity. Marginal lands, such as the Uganda cattle corridor areas, which make up almost half of the country, are especially of great concern and in order to ensure continued food support to the increasing population. We work collaboratively with local communities and clients providing strategic advice on sustainable land use and management.

Business Development

Value addition and Sustainable community development

Through our business development and capacity building arm, we design and support value addition initiatives to achieve using environmentally appropriate approaches using environmentally appropriate approaches. This includes technical productivity and marketing development. Our team has a broad understanding of a range of environmental innovations that equip communities with the tools to achieve sustainable development across activities such as farming and commercial. These include green energy solutions and for efficient energy production particularly biomass based energy such as charcoal. The company is in the final stages of testing the use of: a Retort and the Casamance kiln using trees such as Pine, Eucalyptus and Terminalia. The retort Kilns are to be installed in Kamuli, Kiboga and also in Nakasongola districts; which are an average of 100km from Kampala. These will be the initial retorts built in each of the Green Approaches’ forest sites to assess efficiency and also market needs for the charcoal.


Community natural resource management

Uganda, the East African region and the entire African continent are areas collectively endowed with abundant natural forests and woodlands suitable for nature lovers to enjoy the biodiversity. We offer a non- extractive use of natural resources through our eco-tourism arm. Through this, we encourage the sound management of forest reserves, national parks and other forms of protected areas. We are seeking to expand into operation of ecotourism sites in both protected areas and private lands that will engage local communities for development purposes, allowing them to benefit from a whole and healthy system of natural resources, thus encouraging conservation. The National Forestry Authority in Uganda mainly targets 7 sites for ecotourism development namely: Mabira, Budongo (Busingiro), Mpanga, Kalinzu, Agora Agu, Bukaleba and Gamatui CFRS. The potential at these sites is tremendous given the basic facilities in place at each site which only require renovation. However, there is great potential in the smaller reserves as well if they are well developed and marketed, especially if undertaken primarily by the private sector. Green approaches is applying to manage some of the sites.