Meet The  “Green” Team

Welcome to the heart of Green Approaches , where expertise meets passion and innovation fuels our commitment to sustainable solutions.Our dynamic group of industry leaders, environmental consultants, and seasoned professionals brings together decades of experience in agriculture, forestry, and environmental sustainability. Rooted in a deep understanding of the intricacies of our field, our team is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that transcend conventional boundaries. As advocates for responsible practices and stewards of change, we invite you to discover the faces and stories behind our mission.

Dr. Robert Nabanyumya

Chief Executive Officer- Lead Environmental Consultant

Dr. Robert Nabanyumya brings a wealth of experience with over 30 years in the agriculture, forestry, and environmental sustainability industry. With a proven track record of steering organizations towards success, He combines a deep understanding of industry intricacies with a forward-thinking approach. Dr. Nabanyumya has vast experience working at both national and multi-country level in areas of  Project development, Project implementation, monitoring and evaluations.

Having worked in various capacities in Government, NGOs and inter-government organizations, his deep-rooted industry knowledge, and unwavering commitment to sustainable practices has not only shaped Green Approaches’s trajectory but have also influenced industry standards.Dr Nabanyumya continues to inspire  our team to  drive positive change in the pursuit of a greener and more resilient planet.

Mr. John Salehe

 Senior Consultant – Project Development & Management

Meet Mr. John Salehe, a distinguished member of our team with a remarkable legacy of over 40 years in Forest and Wildlife Biodiversity Management. With over three decades of project development management experience, Mr. Salehe brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Green Approaches. His extensive background includes serving as the National Manager for the East African Cross-Borders Biodiversity Project, where he oversaw critical conservation work, particularly in the Minziro-Sango Bay Transboundary ecosystem. Mr. Salehe has successfully managed four major conservation projects funded by international initiatives, including GEF/FAO, GEF–UNDP, WWF Eastern Africa, and AWF Country Director Tanzania, collaborating closely with the government of Tanzania through MNRT. His exceptional facilitation skills have played a pivotal role in numerous wildlife initiatives, leading workshops and seminars funded by organizations such as USAID, FAO, UNDP, AWF, and WWF. Mr. Salehe’s commitment to participatory approaches, combined with his outstanding networking and partnership building skills, reflects his dedication to advancing conservation efforts in the Eastern Africa region.

Ms. Sheila Kiconco 

 Senior Consultant – Environmental Policy & Management

Ms. Kiconco, a distinguished member of our team holds a Masters degree in Environmental Policy and Management. With a profound academic background, Ms. Kiconco brings a wealth of knowledge and over a decade of experience to Green Approaches . Her expertise lies in policy analysis, a skill set honed through substantial contributions to significant research projects focusing on the equitable distribution of resources. Ms. Kiconco’s commitment to leveraging her skills for sustainable solutions is evident in her dedication to creating a positive impact in the realms of environmental policy and resource management. As an invaluable asset to our team, Ms. Kiconco plays a pivotal role in shaping our strategic approaches and ensuring that our initiatives align with the principles of responsible environmental stewardship.

Professor Susan Balaba – Tumwebaze 

 Senior Consultant – Data Analysis & Management

Dr. Balaba  bringing  an impressive 20 years of work experience, particularly in Biodata analysis and management. She has contributed significantly to various domains, excelling as a lecturer and showcasing exceptional project management skills within civil society. Her expertise spans a wide range of areas, including Multiple experiments data analysis, Generalized Linear Models, Design and analysis of experiments, Quantitative Silviculture, Geostatistics, and much more. With a focus on environmental sustainability, Professor Balaba has been instrumental in estimating carbon sequestration and greenhouse gases in diverse ecosystems, ranging from agroforestry systems to agricultural fields. Her profound knowledge and experience make her a valuable asset to the team, particularly in the realm of GHG inventory and Carbon measurements, further enhancing our commitment to cutting-edge solutions in environmental conservation.

Mr Paul Nteza

 Consultant – Program Development & Management

Meet Paul Nteza, a key member of our team holding a Masters’ degree in Population Studies from the University of Ghana in Legon. With a remarkable career spanning over 20 years, Paul brings a wealth of expertise in program development, management, and monitoring, particularly in environmental programs under the GEF (Global Environment Facility) – United Nations. His profound understanding of Population Studies and extensive experience in environmental initiatives positions him as a valuable asset to Green Approaches. Paul’s commitment to fostering sustainable practices aligns seamlessly with our mission, contributing to the development and execution of impactful programs that address crucial environmental challenges.

Mr Roy Hagan

 Senior Consultant – Environmental Policy & Management

Mr. Hagan is  a seasoned with extensive experience in GEF (Global Environment Facility) projects development across diverse countries in both Anglophone and Francophone Africa. He has proven expertise in undertaking assignments focused on policy analysis and institutional management.With over 30 years of experience, he has been a driving force in planning and designing multi-stakeholder initiatives across the African continent. Hagan’s wealth of knowledge and practical experience adds significant value to our team’s commitment to fostering environmental sustainability and resilience through strategic and impactful projects.

Mr. Stephen Khaukha


Senior Consultant & Project Co-ordinator

Meet Mr. Stephen Khaukha, a seasoned expert within our team, specializing in results-based management, institutional assessments, and program design. With a robust background in management and administration, underpinned by a Masters in Management Studies, Mr. Khaukha brings over 30 years of invaluable experience to the green team. His expertise extends across various domains, including human resource management, budgeting, monitoring, evaluations, and the practical application of gender-inclusive participatory approaches in project development and management. Mr. Khaukha has left an indelible mark through his impactful contributions to people management, project design, and monitoring and evaluations. His extensive portfolio includes collaborations with central and local government agencies, international bodies such as UNDP and CI-GEF, renowned NGOs like WWF and IUCN, as well as local NGOs and private enterprises. With a wealth of practical knowledge, Mr. Khaukha is a driving force behind our commitment to excellence in sustainable project management and development.

Professor Joseph Obua


Senior Environmental Consultant

Professor Obua is an expert  in Forestry, Natural Resources, and Ecotourism. With a rich background in academia, He is a seasoned researcher with exceptional skills in developing research and development projects. His proficiency extends to data collection and analysis in critical areas such as environmental sustainability, management, and conservation. Professor Obua’s ability to interpret and deeply analyze socio-economic information in the context of forestry, environment, and ecotourism showcases his commitment to holistic and well-informed decision-making.Professor Obua contributes significantly to our team’s commitment to excellence in research and development, shaping sustainable practices in our areas of focus.

Ms. Mildred Namusisi

Business Development Manager

Ms. Namusisi heads our Business Development Division. With a strong background in human resource management, operations management, and financial planning and analysis, She brings a wealth of diverse skills to her leadership role. Over her impressive career spanning 12 years, she has successfully overseen numerous business development projects, demonstrating her strategic acumen and proficiency in both African and United States markets.Ms. Namusisi plays a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction of the company, ensuring that our initiatives align with both global standards and the unique needs of our diverse clientele. Her expertise and vision make her an integral part of our commitment to sustainable growth and impactful business development.

Ms. Roberta Magoba

Director and Environmental Consultant

Meet Roberta Magoba, a multifaceted expert on our team with a diverse background encompassing Project Management, Policy Analysis, Environment Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, and Stakeholder Engagement. With a wealth of experience spanning numerous multi-country and cross-border projects, Roberta has become a driving force in the fields of climate change adaptation, land and water management, and infrastructure development. Her impactful contributions have extended across East and Southern Africa, as well as Australia, where she has successfully delivered projects that reflect her commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Roberta’s exceptional skill set and extensive project management experience make her an invaluable asset to Green Approaches , where she continues to play a pivotal role in shaping and executing initiatives that contribute to positive environmental and societal outcomes.