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Supporting sustainable development

Consultancy Services & Capacity Building.

Consultancy services, Education, Capacity Building Division (Training, information and management support)

KAMULI-LAND MONITORING 001This Division offers  support to development needs  specifically providing consultancy services including training in various fields, development of landuse plans,  forest/ Wetland and any protected areas management plans, Strategic plans, EIAs and projects Monitoring and Evaluations . This unit is the arm of the company intended for capacity building support such as promoting literacy on various development issues, help people develop business plans and offer tailor demanded training. This section also targets Education development and information dissemination as a strategy for sustainable development. It includes support to formal education needs in areas where Green Approaches Limited works; and it also includes, projects development, management, feasibility assessments, and field surveys  as and when required.

The consultancy division is a cross-sectoral unit to offer innovative approaches for sustainable development including in education, environment, climate change issues, health and community development. The target is to help businesses in the private sector and managements institutions  achieve profitable green solutions and ensure sustainable development. The company philosopy is to have a green approach to all sectors; health, environment, agriculture for sustainability.

Green Approaches Limited has a pool of experts in various fields that provide the necessary services that are demanded both by the corporate world and the local community on sustainable development issues. A profile on the expertise available within the company is always provided on request, and especially for specific assignments.

Research and Development in specific urgent needs is also pursued on a case by case basisi and a  case in point now being pursued is the: PROMOTION OF SUSTAINABLE CHARCOAL PRODUCTION IN UGANDA… a few details on this…..
The population of Uganda depends, at about 99% on wood for cooking and for the urban population the bulk of this is charcoal. There is therefore a high demand for fuel wood and charcoal.
A serious dimension is that the current charcoal burning efficiency is only at 10%. This means that for every 1000kg (1 ton) of wood felled for charcoal production, the return is approximately one or two bags of charcoal. A random survey in the urban centers indicate that every household uses charcoal for cooking. Clearly, it may not be practical to ban charcoal use nor limit its use. The current solution lies in producing it better and replenishing the raw materials for charcoal production (Tree planting).
So what?
The strategy is to encourage tree planting specifically for charcoal (also called energy crops) awhich are then efficiently converted into charcoal using more efficient charcoal kilns. The company is in the final stages of testing the use of: a Retort and the Casamance kiln using trees such as Pine, Eucalyptus and Terminalia.

Improving conversion technologies -The appropriate charcoal kilns…

image005 The specific production is now being monitored and it is observed that it requires only about 3 kg of wood for 1 kg of charcoal instead of 7-10kg for 1Kg using the traditional method; and, in addition the combustion times of the retorts are much shorter, 2-3 days instead of 14 days.

The retort Kilns are to be installed in Kamuli, Kiboga and also in Nakasongola districts; which are an average of 100km from Kampala. These will be the initial retorts built in each of the Green Approaches forest sites to assess efficiency and also market needs for the charcoal.

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