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Supporting sustainable development

Eco-Tourism Development.

Eco-Tourism Development Division


Uganda, the East African region and the entire African continent are areas collectively endowed with abundant natural forests and woodlands suitable for nature lovers to enjoy the biodiversity. Green Approaches will use the available opportunity to provide the services as a business enterprise.Ecotourism is one of the ways that could be employed to protect natural resources such as forests, wetlands, and woodlands; because eco-tourism offers a means of non-consumptive use of the resources.

Ecotourism has become increasingly popular over the last decade, both with conservation and development organizations looking for means of generating an income from protected areas, and with tourists from the richer countries looking for new experiences. Most significantly, ecotourism is seen as an opportunity for local people living in tourism destinations to gain positive benefits from tourism development and the conservation of protected areas.

IMG-20151118-WA0005Green Approaches Limited is involved in promotion of sustainable and environmentally sound development practices for forestry and agriculture.  We are seeking to expand into operation of ecotourism sites that will also encourage the sound management of forest reserves, national parks and other forms of protected areas.

This division of the company will set up and run ecotourism sites in both protected areas and private lands that will engage local communities for development purposes, allowing them to benefit from a whole and healthy system of natural resources, thus encouraging conservation.

The NFA in Uganda mainly targeted 7 sites for ecotourism development namely: Mabira, Budongo  (Busingiro), Mpanga, Kalinzu, Agora Agu, Bukaleba and Gamatui CFRS. The potential at these sites is tremendous given the basic facilities in place at each site which only require renovation.  However, there is great potential in the smaller reserves as well if they are well developed and marketed, especially if undertaken primarily by the private sector. Green approaches is applying to manage some of the sites.


Proposal for development of an ecotourism site in a forest reserve is already underway by Green Approaches Limited.

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