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Supporting sustainable development

Commercial Forestry.

Commercial Forestry Division – Plantations

This is aimed at developing plantation forestry that will involve various species of trees including Pine, Eucalyptus and any other faster growing trees for commercial purposes. It also includes conservation of natural forest lands. Overall specific environmental conservation is also targeted such as activities for protection of wetlands, fragile hills etc. The intention for developing commercial forestry is to reduce pressure off the natural forests. It is understood that the use of biomass resources for human survival and development is at over 90% in Africa. We are decimating our planet, and even with strong institutions and the best political will the answer lies in providing alternatives, increasing the raw material biomass and more efficient use of the resources. The philosophy of Green Approaches as a company is innovation in the industry; and commercial forestry division includes both tree seedlings production as well as development of wood biomass products.

The Forests:

Green Approaches manages three sets of plantation forests; in Nakasongola district (120ha); Kiboga district (200 ha) and Kamuli District (100ha). These forests are availbale to provide timber to reduce pressure off the natural forests and if you require to make a purchase or have any inquiries, you can contact us here.

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